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Trainer - Harriet Newcombe

I have been a trainer at Riverlily for 4 years now and all my dogs have been trained at Riverlily. I have spent hours in the training field gaining experience and have had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of dogs and handlers. I love seeing dogs and handlers progress through our courses and workshops, my favourite classes to teach are our Puppy New Recruits and Cadets classes.


My team comprises of 5 dogs, Millie the cockerdor, Cooper a black labrador, Lara a yellow labrador, Mouse a black labrador and newest addition Zeta a black labrador.

We enjoy picking up during the shooting season on four local shoots and during the summer enjoy training and entering Gundog Working Tests.

I am also the Working Test Secretary for the Utility Gundog Society (Herts, Beds and Bucks Branch) and organise and run four Working Tests a year.


My top training tip: In training you have good days and bad days but always remember you go home with the best dog!


Harriet x



My Dogs

Millie - Labrador x Cocker Spaniel

Born 07.04.13

Millie was my first gundog, she is a cockerdor and is 9 years old.

We had a late start to gundog training but once we started we didn't want to stop!


I have had a great time training Millie to work in the beating line as well as becoming part of my picking up team on shoots. She is a great game finder, loves hunting and will get into any bit of cover whether there is a bird or not!

Millie is super driven, loves to retrieve, hunts hard and also wants to please.


We have entered a few Charity Working Tests and also competed her in fun obedience and agility competitions.


Millie .heic
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"Millie - 1st Place Novice Scurry at The Game Fair.

July 2017"

"Millie - 1st Place ND/NH Riverlily Charity Working test.

September 2017"

"Millie - 2nd Place Novice Little Offley Charity Working Test.

May 2018"

"Millie - 2nd Place Novice GWCT Working Test.

June 2018"

Cooper - Riverlily Sunny Sunshine of Galicombe

Sire FtCh Kestrelway Freddie

Dam Riverlily Angel of Sunshine

Born 28.04.16

Cooper loves to retrieve, has great drive and style and is such a sweetheart.

He takes amazing straight lines, hunts like a machine and just wants to please.

He is my best picking up dog and I love watching him on a runner!

Cooper is usually the last dog back at the end of a drive but will always have a bird.

We pick up on four local shoots throughout the winter and during the summer months I regularly compete in Gundog Working Tests.

Super proud of my handsome boy.

har 9.jpg

"Cooper - 4th Place ND/NH UGS HBB.

May 2018"

har 14.jpg

"Cooper - 2nd Place Novice Midland Gundog Society.

May 2019"

Har 21.jp2

"Cooper - 1st Place Open Isle of Wight Gundog Club.

February 2022"

har 11.jpg

"Cooper - 3rd Place ND/NH URC Bucks.

August 2018"

har 15.jpg

"Cooper - 1st Place Open GWCT Charity Working Test.

June 2019"

Har 22.jp2

"Cooper - 1st Place Open Kennet Valley.

March 2022"

har 19.jpg

"Cooper - 4th Place Novice Norfolk Gundog Club.

April 2019"

har 16.jpg

"Cooper - 3rd Place Novice UGS SWSH.

September 2019"


"Cooper - COM Open Qualifier URC Bucks.

May 2023"

har 12.jpg

"Cooper - 4th Place Novice URC Essex.

April 2019"

har 17.jpg

"Cooper - 1st Place Novice Isle of Wight Gundog Club.

September 2019"


"Cooper - COM Open Isle of Wight Gundog Club.

February 2024"

Coop .heic
har 13.jpg

"Cooper - 3rd Place Novice and 1st Place Open BASC Charity Working Test.

April 2019"

har 18.jpg

"Cooper - 1st Place Intermediate Cold Game URC Southern.

February 2020"


"Cooper - 4th Place Open Kennet Valley.

April 2024"


"Cooper - 2nd Place Veteran URC Bucks Handled by Abbie.

April 2024"

Lara -  Lyebreach Golden Plover of Galicombe

Sire FtCh Levenghyl Malusi

Dam Riverlily Sunshine Swift at Lyebreach

Born 19.10.19


Lara is super loving, wants to please, loves training and is a sensitive soul.

Her stop whistle and handling are amazing, she hunts methodically and with purpose and is a pleasure to have around.

Lara didn't have the best of luck growing up with three operations in the space of a year but has come out the other side ready to give it her all.

She is a great addition to the picking up team, steady and calm but really comes into her own when hunting or on a runner. 

Lara and myself entered our first Novice Field Trial at the beginning of the year, she was absolutely amazing and took it all in her stride and we were very honoured to come first!

We will be entering Open Working Tests during the summer and Open Field Trials this winter... Wish us luck!

Field Trials
Har 23.jp2

"Lara - 1st Place Novice  Field Trial UGS HBB.

January 2022"


"Lara - 2nd Place in Field Trial Labrador Bitch Class at Crufts.

March 2023"

"Lara - 2nd Place in Field Trial Labrador Bitch Class at Crufts.

March 2024"

Working Tests

"Lara - 4th Place Open Qualifier URC Bucks.

May 2023"


"Lara - 6th Place URC Bucks Team Area Finals 

July 2023"

image0 (1).jpeg

"Lara - COM UGS HBB Open Sugar Beet on Field Trial Lines. 

August 2023"

Mouse - Riverlily  Angel Eyes of Galicombe


Sire Annaloughan Scott of Wickmoor

Dam Riverlily Summer Star

Born 01.11.20


Mouse is the sweetest little dog with the biggest personality.

She loves to retrieve and was born to hunt, she is super cheeky, very clever and is a pleasure to train. 


Mouse joined the picking up team this year and had an absolute blast.

She learnt all about what is expected on a shoot day, is calm and quiet but loves to hunt.

This summer Mouse is progressing her training in all situations, proofing her stop whistle and handling and having great fun!


Mouse is a pleasure is train and be around.


Zeta - Idawood Lace of Galicombe


Sire FtCh Turpinggreen Bohol

Dam OFtW Idawood Heather

Born 21.04.22


Zeta is the newest addition to the team and is currently learning about how the world works.

She is a confident happy little girl and will give everything a go with great enthusiasm.

Zeta is busy learning puppy good manners, living in a pack, the beginnings of heelwork, sit/stays, recalls and fun play retrieves but most of all fitting into life.

She is meeting people, dogs and other animals, going to town and most importantly visiting pubs and cafes!! All essential training.

Keep an eye out for how Zeta is getting on in training and all her adventures on our Riverlily Facebook Page and Instagram.



"Zeta - 4th Place Special Puppy Chiltern Water Test.

Sept 2023"

"Zeta - 1st Place Special Puppy Chiltern.

April 2024"

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