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Chapel Farm Working Dog Food

Here at Riverlily we are now stockists of Chapel Farm Working Dog Food. It is great value quality food and is ideal for your working dog and pet gundog too. We feed all our dogs Chapel Farm and highly recommend it. 

For pet gundogs who need great quality food but not the extra energy that working dogs need we recommend Original 20. For dogs that need higher levels of energy during the year we recommend Performance 24 +.


If you would like to find out more please speak to one of the team.

If you would like to order a bag please fill out the order form below and we will take the food to your next lesson for you to collect.

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Original 20


An all-round totally balanced diet that is suitable for feeding all breeds of working or companion dog. This is the food we recommend using during rest periods when the dogs are not working or training as hard which we have been feeding at the Buccleuch Gundog Kennels for the last four years. We recommend this variety of the range for feeding all athletic types of dogs, including gundogs, working and pastoral breeds.

Performance 24  


Full of wholesome nutritious ingredients that are 100% complete being totally balanced for maximum nourishment. This variety in the range aims to provide your dog with an extra boost of energy and stamina which is needed in the lead up to the shooting season. It is important to maintain weight and condition on your dog, especially in the cold winter months when they will be burning body fat to keep warm, out with any physical activity. Performance 24 has the same higher protein content as the Performance Plus 24 and we have priced this variety to suit all budgets for a premium working dog food.

Performance 24 +


The superior variety of the Chapel Farm range. We recommend this variety for achieving the highest level of results from your working or competition dogs. During training, working and competing dogs will use incredible amounts of energy; Performance 24+ was designed with this in mind.

Puppy / Junior


Puppies have very specific nutritional needs due to the fact they will go from birth to adult in little more than a year in some breeds. Chapel Farm Puppy Food is a complete feed meeting all nutritional requirements of the developing puppy until ready to move to the adult range. There is no need to supplement this diet unless directed to do so by a vet.

Rich in freshly prepared chicken with a quality protein profile

Designed to give a carefully balanced formula perfect for growth and development

Key quality ingredients ensuring maximum digestibility to meet your puppy’s nutritional needs

Wheat gluten free with no added artificial colourings or flavourings

Chapel Farm Puppy/Junior is rich in chicken and grains that provide a quality protein profile and the foundation of your puppy’s diet. In addition the grains used also provide carbohydrates and numerous vitamins and minerals.

Please email me on to enquire or order.

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