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Cold Game Training Days

Join us at our very popular Cold Game Training sessions.

Level 1 Workshops are for those dogs who are retrieving game for the first time or those dogs who need a little more practice in picking all varieties of game.

Levels 2 is for dogs who readily pick game. We set up retrieving and hunting scenarios using shot and owners get the opportunity to handle their dogs on game.

Level 3 we simulate driven and walked up shooting scenarios for dogs who are about to go out in the shooting field and for dogs already out on shoots who want to brush up on their shoot day skills.

Please note that once you have booked the training fee is payable if you have to cancel unless we have a waiting list. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated.

Cold Game

New dates coming soon!


Novice Master

Riverlily Working Dogs

Please email me on to book a place or to register an interest in a workshop.

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