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Trainer - Andi Whitwham

Dogs have always been part of my life growing up and I was able to get two of my own just over 20 years ago. My first two labs were gorgeous pets and agility dogs.

My journey training/ working gun dogs began just over 4 years ago when I went back to the breeder of my first dog Aero. I came home with Inca and a recommendation to see Abbie at Riverlily for gun dog training. 

After only two sessions I was hooked! 

Now I have three Labradors- Inca, Ailsa and Tarka who are such different characters and continue to test me, give me lots of fun and teach me so much. I spend most of my spare time out with them training, holidays and meeting up with friends training as a group. In the summer I compete in working tests and have just started the odd picking up in the winter months. 

I was honoured when Abbie asked if I would like to work at Riverlily as a trainer. It has been just over a year now and I have loved every minute of it. Seeing the dogs with their owners develop that brilliant partnership as they progress through hard work and dedication is very rewarding. There will be lots of challenges on the way (I am very picky!) and the journey is never straight forward but hopefully lots of fun at the same time. 

My top training tip: Always look for the positives after training your dog in a class or on your own. Some days everything will go well and others not! The important thing is to have fun, reflect on what needs work as your dog will always think you are the best regardless!



My Dogs

Inca - 


Andi 4.JPG

"Inca - 3rd Place ND/NH UGS HBB. July 2021"

Andi 2.JPG

"Inca - 1st Place Novice East Midlands. May 2022"

Andi 2.JPG

Ailsa - 


Andi 3.JPG

Tarker - 



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