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Trainer - Jon Cowen 
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I have always had Labradors in my family, and have had an interest in training them from a young age. I currently own and work three labradors. Mylo my black labrador is 11 years old, Harry my older yellow boy, is 9 years old and Eric, my young yellow boy, is 15 months.


During the winter months they enjoy picking up with me on local shoots. During the summer Harry enjoys the challenge of competing in Working Tests and both my dogs love an afternoon out pigeon shooting.


I have been a trainer at Riverlily for 9 years now and during that time I have worked with hundreds of handlers and their dogs, some of whom are back with Riverlily on their second and third dogs.


It is a pleasure to see handlers and their dogs progress through the chain of learning at Riverlily and to have success in the shooting field, at Working Tests or to own a happy family dog.


Gundog training is a fantastic way to spend time with likeminded people and to build that special relationship with your best four legged friend.


My top training tip: Relax, if you enjoy training, your dog will too!


I hope to see you at Riverlily soon.



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My Dogs

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