Riverlily Working Dogs – Gundog and Handler in Partnership

Gundog Training is a wonderful and rewarding way to spend time with your dog. You can have a lifetime of enjoyment and teamwork by harnessing your dog’s natural instincts and getting your dog to work for you.  Here at Riverlily our teaching tagline is “Gundog and Handler in Partnership”. This is something we aim to achieve with all our clients and their dogs. Through positive training methods we  translate all your dog’s boundless energy and drive into a working relationship based on cooperation, mutual respect and of course fun.


Training your dog to a high standard is imperative if you want to take him out on a Shoot Day.  But even if you are not planning on taking your dog to a shoot, by training your dog to perform the task he was bred to do you will have a happy, contented and motivated dog who will be well mannered and obedient.



At Riverlily Working Dogs we run courses to suit all levels of dog and handler from Puppy to Novice through to Advanced. Individual lessons can also be booked.


We specialise in 

  • Training for Pet Gundogs and their owners.

  • Training for owners who want to take their dogs out into the Shooting Field for Picking Up and Beating

  • Training for owners who want to go down the competitive route and enter Gundog Working Tests.



Riverlily is based in stunning Hertfordshire countryside with good links to the A1M, M25 and M1.

Why Gundog Training?


Welcome to Riverlily Working Dogs

Riverlily Working Dogs – Gundog and Handler in Partnership

Run by Abbie and Kevin Crawley

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What's on at Riverlily

New dates for 2015 now on the website


Sue Davidson - Photos

18th July / 19th July

Training afternoon

Photo Shoot


Thank you to everyone that supported Nikki and took part in the photo shoot.


Here is a link to see the photos. Please feel free to download any image of your dog,  If you require a higher quality image please email and we can send it to you.  Printed copies are also now ready and are at Riverlily.

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Guest Trainer



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Di Stevens - 16th August

Advanced Training


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Riverlily Fun Day - 8th August

Great fun for the whole family and take part in some doggie games and fun.



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Di Stevens  - Training Day