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Terms and Conditions for Dog Training with Riverlily Working Dogs. Group lessons and Individual Training


1. All dogs must have current vaccination certificates and be in good health. We recommend you have your dog vaccinated against Kennel Cough. No bitches in season are allowed at the ground.  Any dog that has been contact with infectious illnesses must be issued with a clean bill of health certificate from a vet before being allowed at the ground.


2. To minimize cross infection please bring your own bowl and water for your dog to drink. 


3. Personal Pet Insurance is recommended. Riverlily Working Dogs accepts no responsibility for injury to your dog or yourself whilst on the ground.


4. No harsh handling is acceptable. Only positive training methods are permitted. No electric collars are allowed.


5. Riverlily Working Dogs accepts no responsibility for any damage to your vehicle or theft from your vehicle whilst on the premises. Please lock your valuables in your car and do not leave any dog in a vehicle unattended.


6. Whilst training with Riverlily Working Dogs you are covered by our Public Liability Insurance. But you are reminded that we are in the countryside and the ground is uneven and there are trees and low branches and wild animals to consider. Please take responsibility for yourself and the safety of your dog.


7. No aggressive dogs are allowed to train with Riverlily Working Dogs. Aggressive dogs will be asked to leave. We can recommend specialist training in this case.


8. All dogs must be on a lead unless otherwise instructed at all times. Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before your lesson time. Observe a strict 10mph maximum speed limit when entering any training ground.


9. At Riverlily Working Dogs we specialise in training Retrievers and Spaniels. We also offer training to HPR breeds and other minority gundog breeds. Please note we do not have the facilities or ground to train these breeds to perform all the jobs they were bred to do, such as pointing and hunting at distance. We can offer links to specialist trainers of these gundog breeds.


10. Please bring poo bags and clean up after your dog and take the bag home with you.


11. Equipment to bring with you to your lessons….collar, lead, whistle if you use one, toys, treats and game bag. At Riverlily Working Dogs we have a shop and all equipment you need can be purchased from one of our Trainers.


12. Booking conditions


Payment is by cash or cheque to Abbie Reid.

a) One to one training (121) – once booked and confirmed all 121 training sessions are subject to a £10.00 cancellation fee, this is non negotiable.

b) Courses – The full course fee is payable on week 1 of any course. No refunds will  be issued for missed lessons except in mitigating circumstances. 

This will be at the discretion of the Riverlily Trainers for example, bitches in season, dogs needing medical attention. A vets letter will be required.

c) Workshops – Once you have submitted your booking the full fee is payable on the day. Should you be unable to attend the full fee is payable unless 

we have a waiting list. This is non negotiable.


I truly appreciate your cooperation and understanding as regards to payment at Riverlily Working Dogs.


13. Online Training


All online training must be paid for in full before the session or the course commences.

Under no circumstances are any videos that form part of the course or 121 session to be forwarded or reproduced in any format and sent onto third parties.


14. No videoing of Riverlily training sessions is permitted.


15. Please bring sense of humour and have a great time training your dog with Riverlily Working Dogs!

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